Serving Texas Since 2007

Texas Bat Solutions specializes in safe and humane bat control and bat removal from your home or business. No bats are ever harmed. We are not bat exterminators.

Meet The Team

Texas Bat Solutions is owned and operated by Jose Diaz. He has been in the pest control business his entire life. In addition to Texas Bat Solutions, he also runs Arko Pest Control. Texas Bat Solutions is a family owned & operated business with over 30 years of professional experience, and we exclusively serve the Great State of Texas.

Fully Insured Bat Removal Services

Texas Bat Solutions is fully insured, and licensed by the State of Texas to conduct bat removal operations. We are also members of Bat Conservation International, our commitment goes beyond bat removal. For your protection, make sure any company you do business with is insured and NOT on the hall of shame on www.batworld.org.

Special Service Note

Due to unlicensed and uncertified people trying to deal with bats and killing them in the process, We at Texas Bat Solutions recommend you hire a licensed and certified company to deal with your bat problem. Before you hire a person or a company, ask for references and licensing. We at Texas Bat Solutions are insured with the state and are proud to be approved by Bat Conservation International, Texas Parks And Wildlife and Health Departments all over the State of Texas.

We service homes, schools, banks, apartments, universities, parking garages, military bases, hospitals and more. We carry the expertise and a long list of references along with 100% written guarantees from One to Ten Years. No job is too big nor small but enough to care. Thank You.