Odor Removal Services

A lingering odor will sometimes remain after Bat Removal and Guano Cleanup. Guano can emit a strong and persistent odor due to ammonia and other organic compounds.

Effectively addressing this odor requires proper cleaning techniques, targeted odorneutralization methods, and professional assistance in some cases. Texas Bat Solutions also offers odor removal practices at an extra cost to our Bat Control Services.

Odor Removal

The first step in addressing odors is Guano Cleanup; we thoroughly clean affected surfaces, including floors, walls, and any objects or materials contaminated by the guano. After cleaning, we promote adequate ventilation and air circulation in the affected area. This helps in dissipating residual odors and speeding up the drying process.

We open windows, use fans and ensure that the space is well-ventilated to facilitate the removal of airborne particles associated with the odor. Odor neutralizers or deodorizers designed for bat guano can effectively eliminate persistent smells. These products work by chemically neutralizing odor molecules rather than simply masking them.

We ensure that the chosen neutralizer is safe for indoor use and compatible with the surfaces in the treated area. Some odor neutralizers that we employ include Activated charcoal, Hydroxyl Generators, and Ozone Machines.

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